Summer of Drones

This summer I found myself very interested in the use of drones for the purpose of capturing aerial footage.
It started when I came up with a project I had wanted to do for Beam Camp, which didn’t happen in the end due to my traveling and my internship schedule. the concept of the project (that I hope to do next summer) is to teach kids how to program basic geometric shapes in the form of a physical game shot from top view. One team would be the programmers and the other one would be the computer. They would move on a pixel grid with some form of color and physically demonstrate the computer’s process.

In order to get that top view that I was looking for, I got to learning about Drones.
I had a brief intro with Crys Moore and took out this little toy called .
This is the footage from the first time I tried to fly it, and found out how bad it dealt with low light:

Dan and I went upstate to camp in Hurley where we took these videos with it. It performed much better outdoors, although there are quite a few issues with it, like the fact that it is opperated with an iphone app.

Next post will be about my better adventures with the dji Phantom drone.