The web I didn’t realize I lost

Reading Anil Dash’s “The Web We Lost” and the sequel “Rebuilding the web we lost”, I learned about parts of web history that I was not aware of, even though I have been living the web since MIRC times. For example, Technorati is a platform that I had no idea of.

During our recent applications class, Nancy mentioned the “Boiling a Frog” analogy. I think this analogy applies to Some of the changes in the way things are in the internet world. Some things, like the monetization of links, were gradual and grew on us.

I agree with Dash’s perspective. While the article seemed as a regular “Things were better in the past” rant at first glance, it does make some good points to consider when we continue to build the future of the web.

One of the things I like most about the web, is how rapidly things can change and how much power one individual can have in their hands. There could be a new product tomorrow that will change the rules of play completely. Until Google or Facebook buys it.

The web I knew

The web I knew

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