Tax memory

A receipt is a written acknowledgment that a specified article or payment has been received.

A receipt records the sale of goods or provision of a service.
They contain a lot of details that are part of a certain memory – an address and name of a business, a date and time of day,
the person paying for a service and the form of payment, table number, product or dish purchased and more.
These details can definitely serve us when documenting a memory, in a very official way.

When looking to find a way of remembering events, it would be great if the system can help with everyday archiving that needs to be done anyway. I personally find it hard to keep track of my receipts for tax purposes. I find it annoying and never get around to it, though I know I should. But if I look at receipts as documents that archive memories, It could be a way of doing my mandatory receipt archiving and not add another “task” to my personal life logging chores.

When traveling, I tend to keep stubs and receipts from places. The purpose of that is to remind me of a specific experience, time and place. These papers pile up, collect dust and I hardly look at them again.

Money takes a big part of our lives yet it is not a part of the memory we like to look back on.
Most of us prefer to recall our enjoyment rather than how much it cost us.

This is how the system currently works:

Receipt – – > iPhone camera – – > Dropbox – – > Tesseract OCR – – > txt file – – > wordpress blog

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