Sketching for mid term

For this class we had to read “Sketching user experience: the workbook”
I recently participated in Sketch Camp NYC that took place at ITP recently and I suddenly realised how detached my mind and hand have become when it comes to sketching. I used to sketch constantly from high school through undergrad but it seems this skill is somewhat rusty now, ever since I started working with the computer full time.

So, I opted for a digital sketch of the project and made a note to myself to befriend the pen and pencil once again. I think sketching with your hands on paper can really help not only gettin gyour idea across but also figuring out very quickly what is it that you are going to make, which sometimes only becomes clear to you while visualising. And maybe an idea has many problems to it that are only seen by rapidly sketching. The computer sometimes adds boundaries that make it difficult to convey our initial, raw ideas.

This sketch doesn’t show the the product itself. It shows the situation in which it would be used and the sensor options. The idea is to create a self defines device. I want to create something something wearable that would detect stress and sense when your’e in trouble. It would then set an alarm and send a signal with your location. The first option I thought of was the pressure sensor, but my thought was: ” what if you are in such a position that you cant even press it? Looking for something more discrete that would take no effort to operate, I found the heart rate an interesting data to use.

When showing the sketch in class and getting feedback, an interesting point made by Kate was: maybe there should be another step of approval in order for the alarm to be triggered.
A button pressed to say “This is not false, I am really in some deep shit”.

Quahog Main Street-2

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