response to reading ‘In the Blink of an Eye’

The thing I related to the most in this book, is the part when Murch talks about the editor as the critical and objective eye (‘seeing around the edges of the frame’) People who are involved in shooting the material, can often get too attached to it for emotional reasons. They lose some of their abilities when it comes to judging the final footage. The editor has the ability to be detached from the filming phase. the editor sees the footage and does not necessarily know what went on outside of the frame that day, which makes him a better judge of quality.

I think this is a good point to remind ourselves when editing. We should try to see things as if for the first time and ask ourselves: is it good? No excuses or stories, does it work? does it communicate and is it worth the viewer’s time? These are questions that are hard to answer when you are too emotionally involved in the creation process, yet they are crucial for a successful piece.

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