project thoughts – week3

I’ve started narrowing down my ideas and there are some repeating concepts in my thoughts that I’m figuring out. Something about trying to freeze time physically and keeping something forever is interesting to me.
Is anything really forever?

What if we put it online? Does virtual media last forever?
I also see video and animation as a natural next step of preserving something’s liveliness. I think that the gif format is interesting in the sense that it’s a repeating motion that is looping non stop.

What is a virtual cabinet of curiosities? I see tumblr blogs as the current Wunderkammers. The user collects random images that symbolise concepts that are meaningful to them, creating some type of grid that represents their mind map.
Is a tumblr “cabinet” eternal?

My idea is to create a website that will be designed like a cabinet of curiosities.
THe cabinet will include animations / videos / gifs that will give life and movement to the dead creatures. Looping gifs that will attempt and give eternal life to these beings.

Classmate Ken Amarit is also interested in collaborating on this idea of a modern animated cabinet.

This is the type of delicate animation we have in mind:



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