Pcomp final – week 2

Project sketch

diffusing light masking lightGood news, I am now working with a partner!
Alina joined me and we are working together on the hourglass.

We’re making a virtual geometric hourglass that will be like an abstract interactive art piece. The user can hang on the wall and count down. When turned upside down, the count will restart.

Project sketch


The hourglass will consist of 16 rows of LEDs in a 16″ canvas frame. We made a  timeline, a bill of materials and already ordered the Neo Pixel LEDs. Right now we want to get the prototype working right before we get the lights. Also, we’ve been testing the plexi and canvas to see what visualeffect we get.


Bill of materials

max budget – $200

2 tilt sensors / accelerometer

180 LEDs
~$20 Plexi – 24 – frosted

~ $ 30 Canvas
~ $10 Wood


Nov 12
ordering parts, meeting with Benedetta

Nov 13
Laser cutting and prototype making

Nov 14
Class, regroup and discussion
user testing?

Nov 15

Friday morning, buying wood and plastic


Nov 19
Tuesday ~3 or 4 PM
start arranging

Nov 20
continue to work

Nov 21
class, show progress

Nov 22 – 28

Nov 28th
fully working, time left for debugging and testing, revisions etc.

Dec 5
final presentation

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