MOSA – the Museum of Stolen Art

In my cabinet of wonder, I wish to create a virtual space that will function as a museum.
There is much value to having a physical object’s presence. But not all content has or should have physicality.


One of my favorite things to do on the web, is to find databases that bring light to important issues in our society.
Recently, I discovered a database with images of stolen works of art from around the world.
Some of the works have no artist name and it is really interesting to see what types of work is stolen.


This type of content is suitable for a virtual museum because it has no physical existence that we can access and the only representation of it is in a low res jpeg file.
I want to create a gallery space in which the user can walk through, using the oculus rift. Finally, a museum where you can be alone! And there will be audio everywhere,
triggered  by proximity. Maybe there should even be a guard there, to keep the stolen art from being harmed or stolen again.



Week 4 readings and thoughts

This week’s readings have been very inspiring. I tried to be more disciplined with the readings and enjoyed some of them very much.I also watched “20,000 Days on Earth” and it dealt a lot with memory. Cave reveals that losing his memory is his biggest fear. ‘Because memory is what we are… I think that for a very long time I’ve been building up a kind of world, through narrative songwriting, that’s very clear in my mind. It is a sort of world that has created precious, original memories that define our lives… those moments when the gears of the heart really change. And in some ways that’s what the process of songwriting is for me, the retelling of these memories and the mythologizing of these stories.’

Moving towards the forgetting part of the class, I need to figure out what would I want to forget. Also, there is a paradox to trying consciously to forget something because if we want to check wether it worked or not, there is no way of knowing. “did I forget that thing? Which thing? We need to remember something in order to think about it and if we are thinking about it, then we obviously didn’t forget it.

What if we had a system for forgetting things when they occur. What if we just didn’t record certain things?
If I had to avoid from recording and I recalled this project by Matt Richardson:

I like his system because it prevents the recording of information one does not want to consume.
I also identify with his agenda and would have loved to have a way of avoiding celebrity gossip and gossip in general.

tax timeline

After playing around with my receipts for a while, I think I found a good layout in the form of a timeline. My receipts are documented here  – and I just need to find a way to automate this process and make it more convenient and effortless. I am using timeline.js, which is a very easy to use open source tool. I started giving each post a title of how I remember the expense. Following Taeyoon’s feedback, I included the image of the receipt. This made the OCR process seem slightly redundant when the image is there, but I think there is a value to the text for metadata purposes and making the memory easier to search.


better OCR results

Kung Fu Tea
31 waverly place, #5, New V0r<, NY 10003

NU: 55

Destination; Take out
09/23/2014 15:07

De§cr1pt1on Qty Cost
M-Matcha Red Bean Slush

x1 1%
Subtotal : Q I 3190
Sales Tax: 0.35
Amount: 4.25

**** payment **4=*
mw ~
Service: JTangY1
Thank you yery much. www.kfteausa com



The components of a tourist photo diorama

This is my diorama, presenting the structure of a typical tourist photo.  I am very curious about tourism and souvenirs and have been thinking about the concept  I call “Museum of Tourism” .
In this diorama, I chose to use relatively old technologies – an analogue point&shoot and something called ShowBox photo viewer to change the background images.












Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 2.13.21 PM

American Airlines ticket

Q§$E~AMERICAN gjnuusg f m. _. "U
i ~ 5mm 21SEP14 PLNZEGSQIE 1 i‘ us
wuszrzrstaen m‘: TFA3Z=>3;£;  7 k Paar-Ass  m,
 I  Z  ,cza=_ i F43‘? —--—cv.¢_~s an: ma 51x15 mnxcszz-mfvukfin
w§€HICAGD OHARE kAJ349 Q 21SEP735P 5311C»... _ _
MQxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxitxxxxxfi , Nu»-___mwE 1
sac-swam: * ' ssngzsxscg-a-lawza * V‘ I _  
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 5EAT 153
FARE eomvime Pm Fomor lumen 1 ~ : 1 I ~ '
fuyggggpAggg  SEQ. NO ALLOW PCS CK WT_ LNCK. WY ‘ 
xxxxxxxxxxx 00119516183945
Xxxxxxxxxxx 2 001 2392805310 3



f 09/16/2014

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