Our group presentation

In response to Dennis Crowley’s talk, we chose to deal with the subject of privacy in our age. We didn’t necessarily want to protest against big brother tapping into our personal data, as much as we wanted to raise awareness and start a discussion.

We found an interesting reference point in the dialogue from David Lynch’s ‘Lost Highway’, when the person who is at once present at the house and at the party says to Bill Pullman’s character that he invited him, and it is not his custom to go where he is not invited. In a way, it resembles the way we invite progress to our doorstep without necessarily taking into consideration all the downsides and the outcome.

Privacy? from <a
href=”http://vimeo.com/coloringchaos”>coloringchaos on Vimeo.

Group members
Arielle Hein
T.K Broedrick
Bing Huan
Evan Wu

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