Nature of Code final – turntable simulation


For this final, I want to present progress I made with two separate projects involving fluid dynamics.

This is currently where I am at with the turntable simulation:
We have a circular flowfield, two particles systems that see each other, but a lot of things to solve still:

  • Sketch needs to run faster
  • respond to hand gestures
  • more fluid like
  • closer to the aesthetic of marble paper.

I am happy with the current state of the project but intend to improve on it in the next two weeks.
Another thing I wanted to use the fluid dynamics for is an installation Ive started in a different class where the users draw each others image using hand gestures.
I wanted to make the movement more fluid like and then project the two images on top of each other in different tints. Here are some visual examples of the effect right now:


Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 7.44.29 AM

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