Midterm / final proposal

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For the midterm, I am presenting a beginning of something I would like to continue o work on as a final.
The idea came from working on a Spatial Media project, creating an interactive space for a capsule motel / sleeping pods.

I want to create a way for people to interact through hand gestures and that will be revealing the image if the other person and projected on the ceiling of the capsule / bed.

After iterating with Kinect, I decided to switch to work with Leap Motion. Right now I have the basic prototype working but here is a list of things I need to add to the code:

  • Basing the graphics in the alpha channel on fluid dynamics, maybe with MSA fluid.
  • Creating different responses for different hand gestures
  • Improving the physical interface
  • Considering a mobile device and touch instead of Leap Motion
  • Combining footage from two cameras and adding color coding

Nature of Code midterm / final proposal from ziv schneider on Vimeo.

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