in response to Ira Glass’s ‘On Storytelling’

Watching/listening to the video interview with Ira Glass were very compelling and inspiring.
I particularly related to the part where he speaks about the creative process , or the process one goes through as being a creative person.

Being a creative person, for me, includes a large amount of self criticism, pain, doubt and panic. I often find that artists who seem very effortless and pleased go through the same thing. Knowing that you need to continue, working further and harder even though you are not there yet, that is the key.

I agree with his opinion about killing ideas. I think we tend to fall in love with our ideas and be blinded by our love for our little burst of geniusity and not realise that something is not working.  Scraping an idea and starting fresh often takes less time than we think and second round are much faster.

This type of thoughts helped me through final project of my Visual Communications degree. We were under a lot of pressure to supply “The best work we will ever make”, an idea I found very sad. After a serious crisis that almost made me quit school a minute before the end, I decided to be professional about it and finish the project no matter what and just keep moving and working. Looking back, it was one of the smartest yet hardest decisions I ever made. It allowed me to move on to other projects, where I learned from my mistakes and grew stronger.

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