Final project proposal

Even though I was excited about the pulse sensor and initially wanted it to be my final project too, I feel I should experiment with other projects and maybe go back to that in the future.

For My final project this semester, I would like to make an hourglass.
Time is a subject that occupies my mind a lot and I have been wanting to make some form of clock for a while.

There will be three hourglasses and they will count a day, an hour and a minute. When turning the screen/frame, the counting will reset. This hourglass is an abstraction of a physical one.
It will include flat geometric shapes only.

The technical aspect is not yet resolved. For now, I made a processing sketch that you can see below and I am thinking of making it projected, although I am open to any ideas of a physical substance that would physically emulate the movement of an sand in an hourglass.

The back side of the frame/screen will have a circuit with either a switch or a potentiometer type sensor and when turning it, the sketch/projection/movement will start over.

The cost of this project has a wide possible range, depending on the materials. As a decorative artwork, I don’t think that the materials should be necessarily the cheapest available, but I also don’t want it to be over priced.




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