Final project progress


For my final project, I am making an emoji translator/mixer. One thing I find very annoying about using emojis, is that instead of them saving a little typing time, I waste a quarter of my day looking for the right one because there are so many of them and they are not organised clearly. I wish there was a way to simply type a word and have the emoji appear instead! I have collected a list of 5,000 words that are the most common ones in the english language, and I am matching them to emojis. Since there are only 450 emojis at the moment, images will match more than one word. Also, sometimes one emoji does not exactly match the way you are feeling at that moment. Which is why we get lines of icons to express one state. What if there were mixed emojis that we could make on our own? The second part of the project will be a mixer. The user will type in two words. Two images will appear, woven into each other. The user could then create an animated gif from the two. Iv’e already made some gifs, with random combinations of words, as you can see here:


  I was hoping to use the Apple Color Emoji font, but after encoding issues chose to use png images instead. For the UI elements, I used the control P5 library and for the animation I used gifAnimation library. Right now, I have two separate parts of the project working, with some issues to resolve.

  1. Connecting the parts of the project: right now, I separated the animation because it didn’t work well with the translator. Right now, with the translator, I have one string and can’t control the images separately so that they would have different gaps within the pixels.
  2. The text fields need to create separate strings. Right now they are doing something weird together.
  3. Limiting each text field to one word.
  4. Moving from one field to the next with tab/space.
  5. Sending the animation into a new window – Iv’e started using two windows with some java library import, but still need to learn how to control it.
  6. Connecting to the web. right now I am manually uploading the gifs to tumblr.
  7. Getting png files for emoji2, which has some of the best ones.
  8. Designing a nicer interface.
  9. Saving each gif as a new one, right now they are overriding each other.
  10. Translating 5000 words to emojis!

This is how the translator looks right now:     Screen Shot 2013-11-16 at 9.24.30 PM

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