I’m not photogenic, leave me alone

This week, our assignment was to create an interaction with a video self portrait. Here is my portrait This is my , heavily based on this example code.

Living on a Stream – response

Steven Levy is willing to bet that in the future, most of the video content we consume online will be streamed live rather than pre-taped.
I do agree that livestreaming is becoming more and more commonly used and is a great tool for communication on many levels.
However, I would still bet against Levy’s opinion, for two main reasons: The quality of content and people’s short attention span.

Livestreaming is great when you want to watch a live event and can’t be present.
Last year many of us ITPers tuned in from the other rooms to watch the thesis presentations so that we could continue to work while listening and not miss out on anything. However, much of the content currently consumed by many, such as TV shows and movies is a result of composed writing, directing and editing. Even reality TV goes on air after editing and I believe that without editing we would be left with masses of frames that no one would want or be able to digest and enjoy. I think that the art of good storytelling is still very valid in our times and it is very noticeable in the TV realm, that has become the new cinema. I don’t think that placing a camera in a meth lab could get a good of a story as Breaking Bad for example, because Breaking Bad is a well written, well edited story that is brought to us in a very enjoyable ~50 min video. I doubt if any of us today have time to tune into that meth lab footage in order to get the few interesting moments that might occur.

To conclude, I definitely agree that the future has a lot of live video on the web in store for us, but I doubt if it will be the majority of the video content we consume.