Walk and Talk presentation

This is a very short clip that documents our presentation of the concept.
For the final presentation we had slight issues with using the two projectors, which is something we need to keep working on. Another thing is communicating to the user what they should be doing in a more coherent way.

We are happy with our accomplishments with the Kinect and OF, and hope to continue improving this piece in the future.

from on .

Some testing debug views from the process:

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Airport – loose change

When we leave a country, a lot of the times we are left with loose change that serves no purpose in our destination. For Example

What if we left it behind in a way that can help people who really need it and also creates an art piece?
This piece will gather loose change into a mural that also emits light, using the coins as conductive matter.

Coins left at the end of the grid can go into some kind of container and be picked up by people who need it.

Walk n Talk – final proposal