A visit to the Chinese American Museum


  • Your impressions of the look and feel of the whole place.
    The museum has a permanent exhibit about the history of Chinese community in the US.
    There is also a temporary exhibit space, that is currently devoted to oil and ink paintings by contemporary Chinese artists that moved to the US.
    There is a clear difference between the white clear walls of the temporary exhibition and the busy dark walls of the permanent exhibition.
  • Do you feel welcomed, is the place intimidating or comfortable, what’s the atmosphere?Although the lobby is not small, the initial feeling when coming into the museum was pretty cosy and warm.
    The museum felt welcoming. We were the only ones there on Sunday 4pm.
    The people at the front desk were very nice and gave us restaurant tips.
  • A word (or two)for its personality?
    subdued and well intentioned but slightly scattered.
  • A memorable object, exhibit, hall or interaction (person-to-person)
  • Hospitality: how hard to find the bathrooms, how nice are the guards, can you find your way around.
    The guard was very nice and directed us without we asked. The museum is fairly small and they pointed us to the bathrooms as well. If we were trying to find it from further inside the museum, it might be a little more difficult but wouldn’t take long.
  • Who’s there? No one was at the museum except for us, the people at the front desk and the security guard.
  • Notice if there are any interactive technology exhibits. Are they working? How do people interact with them?
  • Spend a few minutes of the museum’s website.


The website is a bit too generic and has a different vibe than the museum itself. Before getting to the museum, a man on the street offered me an “Art Reading”. He felt my pulse with his eyes closed and told me I was short on Yin. The Yin is the bright and positive in Yin Yang. Yang is the dark colored, passive. Although his “reading” was mostly just influenced by the fact that I am a female and there for traditionally considered as “Yang”, where the male is the “Yin”, I would like to use this as a metaphor for the museum. The museum feels very Yang, but the website feels very Yin but not in a good way. The layout is also very old fashioned in web terms and could use a makeover. I would go back to the website only for visiting hours.

  • Does the website ‘feel” like its specific museum? The website doesn’t
  • Would you ever go back to the website? Why?
  • How many clicks to find out the address and hours of operation? one
  • Missed Opportunities… think about what you would change or improve












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