For my social data analysis final,  I chose to try and understand the numbers in this  There are 11715 open cases in the database and in order to represent the stories correctly in my project for the NFB. I logged in all the cases into a separate file and looked for the following things:

Which states have the most cases?

What is the change over the years? What years did it peak in?
What is the age, gender and state combinations that appear the most time in the data.

These are the combinations that repeat the most:

  • [‘CA’, ‘Male’, ‘White’, ’50’]
  • [‘CA’, ‘Male’, ‘White’, ’55’]
  • [‘CA’, ‘Male’, ‘White’, ’25’]
  •  [‘FL’, ‘Male’, ‘White’, ’50’]
  • [‘AZ’, ‘Male’, ‘Other’, ’55’]
  • [‘TX’, ‘Male’, ‘White’, ’50’]
  • [‘NY’, ‘Male’, ‘White’, ’55’]
  • [‘TX’, ‘Male’, ‘White’, ’25’]
  • [‘CA’, ‘Male’, ‘White’, ’40’]
  • [‘TX’, ‘Male’, ‘White’, ’55’]