MOSA – the Museum of Stolen Art

In my cabinet of wonder, I wish to create a virtual space that will function as a museum.
There is much value to having a physical object’s presence. But not all content has or should have physicality.


One of my favorite things to do on the web, is to find databases that bring light to important issues in our society.
Recently, I discovered a database with images of stolen works of art from around the world.
Some of the works have no artist name and it is really interesting to see what types of work is stolen.


This type of content is suitable for a virtual museum because it has no physical existence that we can access and the only representation of it is in a low res jpeg file.
I want to create a gallery space in which the user can walk through, using the oculus rift. Finally, a museum where you can be alone! And there will be audio everywhere,
triggered  by proximity. Maybe there should even be a guard there, to keep the stolen art from being harmed or stolen again.